We provide well thought-out, strategic approaches to protect your intellectual property.

Whether by spark of genius or hours of long, hard work, your creation is important and valuable. We can tailor an IP protection and filing strategy to meet your needs that is based upon patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and/or copyrights. Let us help you protect your creative work.


We make sure we understand your business objectives, and how a patent can be useful and valuable to you in meeting and exceeding these objectives.

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Trademarks are more than marketing instruments — they are representative of a company’s goodwill and market reputation.

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Trade Secrets

Contrary to patent protection, where you’re required to teach the world how to practice your invention, trade secret protection requires that you keep your innovation secret from the world.

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Let us counsel and guide you on how to best ensure your artistic labors are protected for you and for your future generations.

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