How will you respond to the IP of others?

It’s not just your IP that matters to your business, but the IP of others too. IP owned by others can be used to impact your business the same way you can use your IP to impact others’ businesses. A charge of infringement is never welcome, and a rapid and accurate assessment of the charge will greatly assist in achieving real and meaningful resolution. We have experience in considering various options to seek resolution including licensing, negotiating mutually acceptable compromise, filing administrative actions, and litigating. We also understand the importance of leverage for facilitating resolution that best servers your interests.

From time to time, the need may arise for you to partner up with an outside manufacturer, a joint venture collaborator, and so forth. Having the proper agreements in place assists greatly in defining the relationship and helps to ensure a minimal amount of misunderstandings and disputes. We have experience in preparing agreements for various collaborative arrangements, and will pursue your interests as we negotiate with your prospective business partners.

We can help with:

  • Licensing
  • Agreements (NDA, Business Partnerships and Ventures, Research and Development, Collaboration, etc.)
  • Competitive IP Monitoring and Assessment
  • Freedom-to-Operate Opinions
  • Cross-Licensing
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Litigation and Litigation-Alternative Strategies